One for all – all for one.

Security is an important word. It is comprised of an endless quantity of technologies and ultimately also emotional aspects that concern us every day.

Outstanding quality, a competent partnership and perfect solutions are always necessary when dealing with custom-made security concepts. The KESO principle proves that a conceptual approach and compatibility between mechanical or mechatronic systems result in innovative online or offline systems.

Multiple-system application

A management software for all system types and system combinations: The KESO Management Software k-entry administers online or offline:
- People
- Keys
- Cylinders
- Doors

The same software programs:
- Offline via KESO KEK programmer KEK products
- Online KESO KEKnet products

The advantage is central administration and programming of all system types with one software. KESO Management Software k-entry.



One key for all applications:

The KESO key operates inside the same system:
- All mechanical cylinders and locks
- All mechatronic cylinders and locks (online or offline)
- All touch-free solutions (online or offline)
- Third party products such as time recorders, alarm systems, etc.

Published 19 Mar 2008