KESO KEK i-turn

KESO KEK i-turn gives you the freedom to use your building in the way that you wish.

As the latest addition to the KESO KEK product family, KESO KEK i-turn thumbturn cylinders can also be integrated into all existing mechanical, mechatronic or electronic KESO locking systems.

The KESO KEK i-turn stores information on 8’000 identification media off line, logs its last 500 access events, automatically adjusts to daylight savings time and winter time, and regulates time-restricted access authorisations. This is achieved with twenty-four time slots, each divided into eight smaller time periods, that can be reliably programmed. Made of hygiene-friendly composite, the black, rubberised thumbturn feels pleasant when held. As a twin cylinder, KESO KEK i-turn thumbturn is used in indoor areas. The KESO KEK i-turn can also be used as a single cylinder for special applications such as key switches, garage doors and switch cabinets.

KESO KEK i-turn twin cylinder


KESO KEK i-turn single cylinder

Compatible with KESO KEK Combi keys, key tags and user cards (free choice of RFID identification media)
- Can be centrally managed in combination with KESO management software k-entry
- Time-limited access authorisation programming, event logging, blocking of individual identification media and much more
- KESO KEK i-turn thumburn double cylinder is extendable in 5 mm increments from a minimum overall length of 61 mm (KESO KEK thumbturn double cylinders up to a max. 80/80 mm and KESO KEK thumbturn single cylinders up to a 80/10 mm)
- KESO network-on-key (NOK) option: transfer of authorisation information between online and offline doors using identification media (access groups, period of validity, transmission of battery status)

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Published 11 Feb 2008