The key to your world

The key remains the core of any locking system. With an unparalleled product range, KESO provides solutions which go far beyond traditional cylinder locking

The key to all applications is their goal. This goal has been achieved with the mechatronic KESO KEK Combi key. Central management and programming of all the keys is the decisive factor and this is guaranteed by the KESO Management Software k-entry.


KESO mechanical keys

KESO color caps provide an extremely practical, fast method of identification. You can choose from a range of 18 RAL colors. The tried and tested precision design is far superior to conventional pull-on plastic covers. Our color caps are comfortable to handle too, thanks to high quality materials and optimized shapes.

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KESO color caps are available for traditional trapezoid keys, for long keys, extra-long keys and for KESO Omega keys with increased copy protection. One of KESO's specialties is the code change keys, which encode various locking processes in the same system.

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Other key shafts for all KESO mechanical locking systems:

KESO KEK Combi key

The KESO KEK Combi key contains an electronic transponder circuit (besides fully-fledged mechanices) with integrated antenna. Up to three very different types of RFID technology can be integrated in the compact KESO KEK Combi.


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Compatible with all KESO systems
- A combination of mechanical security systems and electronic intelligence
- Several RFID technologies in one key
- Convenient handling because of high reading distance
- Key does not need a power supply
- Window inscription optional
- Available in 18 different colors
- KESO KEKnet-compatible (KESO mechatronics online) (KESO mechatronics online)



The active traditional key in the ergonomic casing – the condition of the battery is always displayed in the LCD display. The smiling emoticon symbolizes access authorization. The batteries in the key make IKON VERSO CLIQ locking systems network-independent.


Ergonomic design
- Key system
- Battery in the key
- LCD display in the key
- 64-bit DES encoding
- Event memory and time function
- Available as an option with RFID chips (Legic or Mifare)


Schweiz The mechatronic IKON VERSO CLIQ can only be acquired in Switzerland through KESO AG.

Prospective purchasers from abroad should please contact the following:

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Information about the product >>
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Published 11 Feb 2008