KESO Management Software k-entry

Central administration increases the efficiency in organization processes.

The new KESO Management Software k-entry combines the mechanic, mechatronic and electronic master key systems in one organizational network. KESO k-entry is the perfect system for operating companies, who want to keep many options open for any upgrading or integration after installing an access control system.

Who is allowed access, when and where? Who owns which data carrier?

Within seconds you are able to obtain an overview between the authorizations, persons and their identification media. Immediately you can see which online doors are open, closed, unlocked or locked.

KESO k-entry administrates the mechanic locking cylinder, additional locks, furniture locks, grip locks, switch cylinders, depots, mechatronic double, half and thumb turn cylinders as well as electronic fittings, up to classic online access control systems.

Access authorizations can be issued and withdrawn quick and simple.

This does not only increase the security, as your convenience as well. For instance, the authorization profile of a person can be easily copied on several selected data per "drag and drop" function.

The new KESO continuous system solution protects your investment. Our KESO advisor would be pleased to assist you in optimizing your system.


KESO k-entry – simply practical
- Professional key administration
- Personalized configuration of the user interface
- High user comfort by intuitive user guidance
- Clearly structured authorization management
- Wide range of filter and search functions
- Integrated messaging generator
- Software update und support via Internet
- Automated backup function in the database
- Individual creation and printing of the key voucher
- Battery display for unconnected doors
- Flexible upgrades by the modular software concept
- Low maintenance costs through already existing IT structures

Published 12 Feb 2008