KESO KEK Genie BS electronic circuit in the fitting or as a faceplate

With the electronic circuit in the mounting or faceplate, the range of products associated with the KESO KEK Genie BS Cylinder becomes even more attractive. The visible mounting on the inside of the door allows the fastening of security rosettes. The communication plugs for the off-line programming are under a protected cover or on the outside of the faceplate.

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BS electronics fitting
EU model
Faceplate short model
Faceplate long model


Faceplate models
. Long for EU profile cylinder
. Short for EU profile cylinder
. Long for Swiss circular cylinder
. Short for Swiss circular cylinder

Fittings’ models
. Slim for EU profile cylinder
. Wide with curved ends for EU profile cylinder
. Slim for Swiss circular cylinder v
. Wide with curved ends for Swiss circular cylinder
. Each finished in chrome, gold or black colors


- Compact design and strong structure
- “Stand-alone" use
- Fast, easy fitting
- Two standardized faceplate lengths
- Covered or visible fitting
- Existing systems retrofitable
- Commercially available batteries
- Armature cover in EU profile, Euro-Swiss profile and dull finish
- With optional accessories also suitable for fire doors

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Published 11 Feb 2008