KESO Digiport 30

The KESO Digiport 30 controls external locking systems. The KESO Digiport 30 manages up to 30 code spaces, which provide access authorization when a PIN code is entered – with no need whatsoever for a key or card. KESO locking >>


KESO Digiport 30


- Easy, flexible operation
- Programmable without support tools
- Compact design
- Universally applicable
- Choice of between two and eight characters for PIN code
- Pre-manufactured cable for KESO MOZY Eco


KESO Reader

Authorization on the KESO Reader antenna is carried out “touch-free” with transponder technology. The electronic circuit tests the data and, on conformity, relays the release signal to the automatic locking system's control unit.

KESO locking >>

KESO Reader Indoor
KESO Reader Outdoor


- Compatible with all KESO identification media
- Pre-manufactured cable for KESO MOZY Eco
- Various alternatives for installing electronics and antenna
- Indoor version with up to 6 m aerial cable (IP 41)
- Outdoor version with up to 100 m aerial cable (IP 55)
- KESO KEKnet-compatible (KESO mechatronics online)


KESO identification media

For touch-free access authorization, three different identification media may be used. When data between the medium and antenna matches, the release signal is relayed to the control unit. The RFID technology in the identification media can also control third party products such as alarm and time recording systems.

KESO Keycard


KESO tag


Published 11 Feb 2008