Mechatronics in keys and cylinders

KESO KEK Combi key

The KESO KEK Combi key contains transponder electronics with an integrated antenna. Up to three very different types of RFID technology can be integrated in the compact KESO KEK Combi.

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- Compatible with all KESO systems
- A combination of mechanical security systems and electronic intelligence
- Several RFID technologies in one key
- High reading distance makes it easy to use
- Key does not need a power supply
- Window inscription optional
- Available in 18 different colors
- KESO KEKnet-compatible (KESO mechatronics online)


KESO KEK Genie cylinder

KESO KEK Genie BS provides double security. The key has to match in terms of both mechanics and electronics. The cylinder electronics are available in several designs as a faceplate or a fitting variant.


- Can be retrofitted to any KESO locking system
- Volle Totally mechanically mounted
- Modular cylinder structure
- Euro-Swiss and Euro profiles
- Schnelles Quick reaction if key is lost – no cylinder replacement
- Mechanical and electronic check of access authorization
- Various possibilities for electronic installation and expansion
- Touch-free reading
- Up to 16 time-windows can be specified
- Non-volatile memory
- Readable history
- KESO KEKnet-compatible (KESO mechatronics KEK - online)


KESO KEK Genie Knob

The KESO KEK Genie Knob enables fully mechanical locking systems to be upgraded in next to no time to the level of modern mechatronic systems.
With no wiring required, the knob’s electronics provide additional convenient functions such as immediate blocking when keys are lost or a programming option for time-restricted accesses.
The KESO KEK Genie Knob is unbeatable when structural or architectural conditions such as fire doors, metal frame doors or listed buildings need to be taken into consideration.


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- Combination of mechanical security and electronic intelligence
- Modular cylinder design
- Absolute KESO precision with hardened HRc 60 bolts
- Time-limited access authorisation programming, key blocking, event logging and much more
- Standard long-life batteries easily replaced
- Fitted without the expense of wiring; electronics and power supply integrated into knob
- Explosion-proof version with ATEX certification


Published 11 Feb 2008