Industry- and systemsolutions

Specialized for every branch.

Hospitals and homes

System solutions for medical and social institutions. In hospitals, rehabilitation centers and old peoples' homes, values such as safety and protection are structured and defined in a different way. KESO provides applications which use comparable specifications and take individual needs into account.


  1. Main door
  2. Side entrance door
  3. Ward door
  4. Forensic ward door
  5. Laboratory door/administration door
  6. Disabled restroom door
  7. Bathroom door


Administrative buildings

System solutions for administrative buildings and public institutions. Security matters must be solved fully and comprehensively in local authority buildings. It is not always possible to distinguish visitors and staff from employees and supervisors. Effective protection of material assets and data is essential and secure emergency exits are necessary for protecting lives in the case of danger. KESO has the solution to these complex requirements.


  1. Main entrance
  2. Side entrance
  3. Underground parking lot access
  4. Building section door
  5. Departmental section door
  6. Staircase door
  7. High security door
  8. Office door


Commerce and industry

System solutions for industrial, manufacturing and commercial buildings. Individual solutions barely meet the requirements – here there is a need for well designed, flexible and constantly expandable overall concepts which are technically compatible with future developments and which can meet the demands of frequently-changing specifications in a secure way at any time. KESO analyzes all the problems and provides comprehensive ideas for solutions.


  1. Gatekeeper's station with barrier
  2. Main/staff entrance
  3. Side entrance door
  4. Building section door
  5. Security office door
  6. Roller shutter door
  7. Outdoor area


Banks and insurance companies

System solutions for bank and insurance company buildings. Yesterday's bank no longer exists. The flow of cash and finances is controlled differently today. Providing security for visitors and employees requires regulated access points. Emergency cases must be accommodated. Material assets such as data and electronic systems must now be included in safety concepts. KESO guarantees specially developed solutions with up-to-the-minute security.

Sport and culture

System solutions for sports grounds and cultural buildings. Sporting and cultural events mean a high volume of people so the security requirements are proportionately high. KESO's specific solutions take into account all circumstances. They can be expanded at any time and supplemented with future security technologies.

Private applications

System solutions for private buildings. In the private residential sector, personal space must be protected and safeguarded in many ways. KESO solutions for home-owners and housing developments take all personal requirements into consideration. The design procedure for the implementation of locking systems, locking technologies and networked security systems is based on proven technology and advanced applications.


  1. House or apartment front door
  2. Mailbox
  3. Side entrance or cellar door
  4. Garage door
  5. Windows
  6. Roller shutters
  7. Verandah or balcony doors
  8. Cellar windows/gratings
  9. Other safeguards

Published 11 Feb 2008