Integrated solutions as an all-encompassing organizational principle

The requirements of security solutions are higher today than ever before. It is no longer simply a matter of individual solutions for complex problems but of carefully designed, flexible and constantly expandable overall concepts which are also able to keep up with future developments at a technical level.


Usable security solutions now have many functions to fulfill.

  • They have to take into account the increasing requirements of property security and the protection of sensitive buildings and production areas.
  • They must be compatible with the company's working processes and with the need for openness and service where the customer is concerned.
  • They must be robust, long-lasting and require as little maintenance as possible. They should combine effective protection and early warning of dangers such as fire or smoke with a cleverly-conceived rescue and escape route system that minimizes the risk of unauthorized access at the same time.

To cope with complex requirements of this kind, detailed individual solutions that are compatible within a coherent overall system are in demand with ever-increasing frequency. The individual tasks which have to be overcome range from locking systems with integrated access checks, escape route terminals, and automatic door monitoring. KESO is an expert in this field.

Published 11 Feb 2008